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St. Martin Online, LLC

Terms & Conditions - Hotel Reservations & Car Rental Reservations
St. Martin Online LLC is an intermediary between customers and suppliers. St. Martin Online, LLC assumes no responsibility for the products and services provided by suppliers. Rates do not include local tax. Room and car types describe a general category and vary by suppliers and features. St. Martin Online, LLC assumes no responsibility for any product or service that is not used due to delay of transportation or any other reason. St. Martin Online, LLC is not responsible for any loss, injury or damage that could occur.

General Conditions & Liability
Client must acknowledge that by making a reservation with St. Martin Online, LLC they do so based on the material contained in the St. Martin Online, LLC web site. All statements made by St. Martin Online, LLC, our employees, agents, and sub-contractors must be confirmed to the client in writing by St. Martin Online, LLC.
Conditions will be subject to the law of the country in which the supplier is located. Therefore, you will be subject to their terms, conditions, and the local law.
Government increase in local VAT or other taxes may be applied after a reservation is made. Any additional charges payable on arrival are subject to local VAT at the current rate in the country.
The liability of St. Martin Online, LLC will not exceed the deposit amount processed by St Martin Online (value of the confirmation voucher) for any loss, problem, damage or cancellation, arising from breach of contract, negligence, error or any other cause.
Terms and conditions are not exclusive.

Reservations & Confirmation
Reservations made on the web sites operated by St. Martin Online, LLC will receive a temporary confirmation number. A temporary number is issued for administrative purposes and does not mean that the hotel room / rental car is available, all reservations submitted on the site are requests only. The official confirmation voucher with your final confirmation number will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours. However, if your request is found to be unavailable, another option(s) will be emailed to you, the client as an alternative. You, the client, reserves the right to accept or decline the offer. A reservation will not be submitted to the car rental agency or hotel without clients confirmation/approval of the cost. St. Martin Online, LLC is not responsible for any delays in obtaining a confirmation number or notification from the supplier.

Price and Payment
Only the deposit is due at booking unless otherwise stated. Remaining balance is payable on check-in and charged by the supplier.

Cancellation Policies - Car Rental
More than 28 days full refund of your deposit. Between 8 & 28 days 50% refund of your deposit. 7 days or less non-refundable.

No Shows
No Shows will result in a 100% penalty fee.

Credit Card
Customer must have a credit card in order to secure a room. St. Martin Online, LLC accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

*Rates do not include additonal fees or taxes that may be incurred

A deposit will be charged to secure your resrvations, the remaining balance will be due at check in.